I am a licensed psychologist in private practice in Cambridge, MA. I am a faculty member at the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, and at Harvard Medical School, where I supervise Fellows and Interns at Cambridge Hospital.

My background and training in both short- and long-term psychotherapy has been comprehensive. After I received my doctoral degree, I completed a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in psychodynamic psychotherapy at Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School. During this time, I was awarded a further fellowship with the American Psychoanalytic Association. I then went on to complete psychoanalytic training at the Massachusetts Institute for Psychoanalysis, which values a modern and theoretically-comparative approach to understanding the mind and human relations.

I received my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Tennessee. There, my research focused on psychological testing, unconscious processes, and the relationship between personality and psychotherapy outcome. My clinical practice was with adults and college students, as well as adolescents in long-term residential treatment. 

My doctoral work also included clinical internship at Cambridge Hospital, where I worked in an acute inpatient psychiatric unit, as well as in an outpatient clinic for adults.   

I have presented research and clinical work at national conferences of The American Psychological Association's Division of Psychoanalysis (Div 39), The American Psychoanalytic Association, and The Society for Personality Assessment.

I received my B.A. in Philosophy, from Colgate University, in 1993.